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  • Our unique story

    Founded by two leaders frustrated with the admissions process

    In 2011, Joseph and Sonny set out to create an organization they wished was around when they applied to colleges - a group that provides tactical, no-nonsense advice from people who have recently been through the process.

  • One-on-one, flexible coaching

    The right size. Don't feel like a number

    Whether in the Bay Area, New Jersey, Illinois, Texas, or anywhere in between, we work together according to your schedule. Our unique size allows the best of both worlds - trusted counseling with a personalized touch.

  • Exceptional, trusted counselors

    Relatable coaches who love mentoring

    Our students and parents consider the Ivy Planners team our #1 aspect. Our counselors offer fresh strategic and tactical insights from their own successful experiences, mentoring previous students, and Ivy Planners' proprietary training. We are mentors to our students, not just essay editors; many times our students see us as family.

  • Amazing college and BS/MD acceptances

    >97% of our clients would recommend us to family and friends

    Our students have been accepted to Harvard, MIT, combined medical (BS/MD) programs, and many other prestigious programs. Check out our results and see what our clients are saying.

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We work with students throughout their high school journey.

BS/MD Combined Medical Counseling

As an industry leader on combined medical programs, we bring a special perspective on combined BS/MD medical programs. We help our students with personal branding, obtaining research and shadowing positions, and the rigorous application process.

College Admissions Counseling

We help with all aspects of the process. We start with pre-application advising to help position our students to be competitive for their dream schools. During 12th grade, we help our students with the application process (e.g. college list, essay coaching, interview prep).


The Ivy Planners approach is tailored to each student as we focus on identifying and improving weaknesses, while reinforcing strengths for maximum results and greatest efficiency. We use official standardized exams, which reflect what our students see on test day.


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Our Amazing Team

We know what it takes having recently gone through the college admissions process ourselves. At Ivy Planners, we offer unique strategic and tactical insights into the application process, making it smooth for both parents and students.

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