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We're BS/MD admissions counseling experts.

With our unique background, we provide a fresh perspective on combined BA/MD and BS/MD medical programs. Our students have gained admissions to combined medical programs from across the country.

9th-11th grade: BS/MD Pre-application mentorship for high school students

Combined medical program applications are built over years, not days. Want to make sure you're ready for competitive BS/MD admissions by senior year? Prepare for a great application with Pre-Application advising.

  • Academic course planning with a focus on math and science
  • Resume building with a focus on helping the student develop his or her healthcare related personal brand
  • Volunteer and extracurricular activities advising
  • Finding research internships and physician shadowing opportunities
  • Summer program search and application advising

12th grade: BS/MD College Admissions Counseling

After years of hard work, we will help you put your best foot forward when it comes to BS/MD applications.

  • Combined BA/MD and BS/MD program search
  • Essay (personal statement) coaching and review - Essays allow you to show off personality, creativity, and motivations about medicine. Guidance includes picking a topic, hooking the reader, and developing a story line.
  • Holistic interview preparation
  • Developing a healthcare related personal brand
  • Obtaining the best letters of recommendations
  • Comprehensive final application review

"Prompt responses and critique of the essays was extremely helpful. You were extremely flexible and generous with your time...You truly made a difference in this process and I will definitely recommend you to others."

- Rao M. (father of student accepted into multiple BS/MD programs)

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